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The Single-Hopper Commercial Frozen Drink Machine is a commercial-grade frozen drink machine that’s popular with high-volume bars, restaurants, and convenience stores.  Just pour in your favorite mix (margarita, daiquiri, piña colada, hurricane), soft drink, or wine and the machine will turn it into a tasty slush drink.  The freeze time varies depending on room temperature and alcohol content, but is typically less than 30 minutes per batch.  This machine plugs in to a commercial 120-volt locking power outlet.

Single-Hopper Commercial Frozen Drink Machine

SKU: XF124
  • Single-Hopper Commercial Frozen Drink Machine

    • Commercial model with refrigerated 6.3-gallon hopper makes 100 cups
    • Durable construction with stainless steel panels and high-impact plastic
    • 1/2-HP drive motor, 3/4-HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control
    • Measures about 30” high x 15” wide x 29” deep and weighs 176 pounds
    • Covered by a 2-year parts warranty (SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE)
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