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The Compact Commercial is a commercial-grade soft serve machine that’s popular with concession stands and rental companies.  Just pour in your favorite soft serve mix (ice cream, yogurt, gelato, custard, sorbet) and the machine will turn it into a tasty frozen product.  The freeze time varies depending on room temperature and sugar content, but is typically less than 20 minutes per batch.  This machine plugs in to a standard 120-volt power outlet.


Height (Inches)26"
Width (Inches)8.75"
Length (Inches)26"
Weight (Lbs)90 Lbs
Compressor1/3 HP

Single-Hopper Compact Commercial Soft Serve Machine

SKU: D150

    • Make creamy soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt in about 20min
    • Durable construction with stainless steel panels & dishwasher-safe parts
    • A refrigerated 1.8-gallon hopper enables overnight storage of product
    • Space saver with smallest footprint of any soft serve machine in its class
    • Measures about 26” high x 9” wide x 26” deep and weighs 90 pounds
    • Covered by a 2-year parts warranty (SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE)
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